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Ghosts of Central Jersey: Historic Haunts of the Somerset Hills

Synopsis: What ghosts roam within the historic sites and buildings of Central New Jersey? How accurate are the traditional stories? From the shadowed woods of the Somerset Hills to the dappled banks of the Delaware River, Ghosts of Central Jersey: Historic Haunts of the Somerset Hills delivers a rich mix of factual history and the sound investigation of ghostly phenomena. The combination of an open-minded enthusiasm and a level-headed approach underscores this collection of reports that will inform, entertain, and lead the reader to places where the past is considered to be very much alive and entwined with the present.
Book stats:  128 pages
Published: September 2008
Publisher: The History Press
ISBN-13: 9781596294684

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Reviews & Endorsements

He claims to have debunked the infamous story of Phyllis Parker’s haunting of the Old Bernardsville Library on Morristown Road and invites residents to check out his evidence.  Author and historian Gordon Thomas Ward of Bedminster Township has penned “Ghosts of Central Jersey, Historic Haunts of the Somerset Hills,” designed to inform, entertain and take readers to places where the past is supposedly entwined with the present.

      The former Bernardsville Library is one of several historic sites in Somerset and Hunterdon counties that Ward researched for his latest book. “This book is a link between history and the paranormal,” he said. “I looked at the history, experiences and the forensic evidence of occurrences.”  Sites highlighted include the Gladstone Tavern, the New Jersey Brigade site and other locations on Hardscrabble Road, the Grain House in Basking Ridge, parts of the Great Swamp, Prallsville Mills in Stockton, and of course the former Bernardsville Library, which was known as the Vealtown Tavern during the Revolutionary War era when Phyllis Parker supposedly lived.   Read more >

~ The Bernardsville News