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Windows: A Collection of Verse

Synopsis: Windows includes poetry Mr. Ward has written from 1987-1994 and deals with topics that range from the spectacular and the sublime to the more daily occurrences. From the introductory “Invitation to the Moon” to “The Hands” and “Release,” the reader is taken on a personal journey through the author’s emotions and responses to seemingly commonplace events to reveal a deeper meaning. Many of the poems, such as “Acre,” written about the author's former home, and “Unknown Occupants,” a poem about the forgotten remains of a stone structure in the Fairmount, NJ, woods, reveal a response to a particular place in a manner that can be applied to many, similar locations. From the Christmas poem “Morning Glories” to “Free Fall,” a poem about a monarch butterfly’s migration, there are delightful and powerful images captured and presented to the reader. Incorporating a full spectrum from darker thoughts to whimsical flights of the mind, many of these poems, such as “John's Brook,” offer a philosophical, and often spiritual message of how we might adopt alternate views to perceive and deal with the events and environments that touch the lives of us all. Embracing a myriad of topics, emotions and insights, Windows is a book that will charm a variety of readers.

Where to buy: Windows exists in an extremely small number of copies from a limited edition. Signed/endorsed copies are only available directly from the author or at his events.

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Book stats: 43 pages

Published: 1994

Publisher: self published

Excerpt from Autumn River

I know not where the river starts,

Nor where exactly it will end.

It seems it's a dichotomy;

One lags behind to pave the way,

One babbles on and yearns to sing.

The water never stops to rest

Upon its silty river bed.

It senses destiny lies ahead.

While caught in some enchanted spell,

Showers of paper parachutes

Suddenly set the stream ablaze

With crimson wash and yellow haze.

Spiraling down from summer's perch,

Having lost their grip on life.

What were once living awnings, frail,

Are comets now with wooden tails.

Copyright © 1994 Gordon Thomas Ward