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Reviews of Divine Encounters on the Lewis and Clark Trail

Gordon has shared this presentation at numerous libraries throughout New Jersey.   If you have seen this presentation, please share your comments on the CONTACT ME page.  

“Wow! Listening to Gordon has to be experienced to be believed! In an hour and a half, my weak faith was given a boost like no other experience. It is an incredible performance of love and faith.”

~ Ginny Shedd, audience member

“The natural beauty of God's greatest gifts are recreated and shared through Gordon’s memoirs and amazing photographs.”

~ Maureen Stevens, audience member

"Gordon Ward’s presentation on ‘God and Angels on the Lewis and Clark Trail’ was one of the most powerful and convincing descriptions of one’s sacred journey that I have heard during my 15 years of service in ministry and education. Ward skillfully mixes historical and spiritual reflections, breathtaking photos, and personal revelations to share without reserve, that God makes His divine presence known in every part of creation—often at the very times when we least expect it.

     Our 10 eighth grade confirmation students and their adult mentors were asked to attend the presentation at our church as a way of heightening their spiritual instincts so that they too, will become more attune to God’s presence in the everyday beauty, questioning, struggling, and journeying of life.  Needless to say, we were not disappointed…as we found in Ward, an educator, author, and fellow pilgrim who dared to proclaim that he had seen and experienced the omnipresence of God on the Lewis and Clark Trail.

     As a Youth Minister and former high school and college educator, I highly recommend Mr. Ward’s presentation for youth, college students, and adults who want to know more about the Lewis and Clark expedition…and especially for those, who want to make headway on the pilgrimage we all must take to discover the true purpose for which we were designed.”

~ Youth Minister / Assistant Pastor, Bishop Janes United Methodist Church

“What an encouragement to hear how God met and blessed you on The Lewis and Clark Trail. It is clear that you experienced a great deal on your journey, but the greatest lessons learned came through the thoughtful and prayerful days that followed. Your message was uplifting and inspirational.”

~ Lindell Shelden, Associate Pastor, Westside Baptist Church

“I really enjoyed Gordon Ward’s presentation of ‘God and Angels on the Lewis and Clark Trail.’ Gordon did a wonderful job of weaving in his personal experiences following the footsteps of Lewis and Clark.  His testimony of his “God-incidences” were very compelling and left the audience in awe of how God’s presence is in our lives. I strongly recommend Gordon’s presentation as it is interesting to both youth and adults.”

~ Gail Williams, audience member

“I found your journey inspiring and uplifting. Thank you!” ~ Evan

“I was truly amazed by all the miracles.” ~ Amity

“All your ‘Godincidences’ were awesome!” ~ Heather

“Your story was great and taught us about God.” ~ David

“Thanks for your presentation. It was amazing! God bless you.” ~ Dani

~ Youth group members

“Mr. Ward’s talk was both informative and inspirational. Men and women of all ages will relate to his stories of adventure and ‘God-incidents’ along the Lewis and Clark trail. I highly recommend this presentation for schools, fellowship groups, book clubs, and more!”

~ Jeff Gibelius, Pastor, The Presbyterian Church at Pluckemin

“Thanks again for sharing your story! It was informative, inspirational, challenging, and spiritual! One high-schooler afterwards said, ‘Wow! This was worth every minute!’ You have inspired the soul!”

~ Gretchen Lima, Program Director of Youth Ministries, Liberty Corner Presbyterian Church

“Gordon delivers the story of his extremely physical, emotional, and spiritual journey on the Lewis & Clark Trail with an energy, a genuine excitement, and a depth that lets us know that this encounter with ‘God and Angels’ permeated his heart and soul. And it goes one step further: his story becomes our story, in that if we will be awake and aware, we can come to experience this same reality of God's ever-presence.  Along with the very personal reflections of his adventure, Gordon gives us a good, basic understanding of the historic expedition of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark that began in 1804. And pervasive, even in this historical perspective, is a strong sense of the hand of God at work on that perilous journey.”

~ Mary Jackson, audience member

“After Gordon's presentation, I recalled Paul’s words to the men of Athens: ‘The providence of God is plainly evident and decidedly delightful to experience when we’re aware of His workings in our lives.’ The historical perspective about the original expedition and the ‘Godincidences’ were well presented. Gordon’s conclusions that apparently very bad occurrences were turned around by God proved to be beneficial and useful. I was personally encouraged to hear about God’s protection of him, and others in our group were similarly affected by Gordon's narrative. The photographic portion of the presentation added to my understanding of the physical beauty and challenges of the trail. I would encourage Gordon to share his unique experiences and perspective to all who would hear him!”

~ Lucy DeBarge, Saint Andrew United Methodist Church

“An inspiring blend of facts and faith; our group really enjoyed Gordon’s message, which reminded all of us to be really aware of the presence and guidance of a higher power in our everyday lives.”

~ Erin Palma, Director of Youth Ministry, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Roman Catholic Church