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Reviews of Ghosts: What They Are and How to Investigate Them

Gordon has shared this presentation at numerous libraries throughout New Jersey.   If you have seen this presentation, please share your comments on the CONTACT ME page.  

 "Your program was excellent! We had a great turnout and everyone stayed glued to their seats for the entire talk!" 

~ Carol Anderson, Adult Program Coordinator, Teaneck Public Library, Teaneck, NJ

“As a professional who considers myself to be a ‘skeptical believer’ in an afterlife, I found your presentation to be both eye-opening and fascinating. I’m very pleased I came to hear you speak.” 

~ Philip Latimer, audience member 

“If you have never heard Gordon speak, do it, and spread the word! His creativity and engaging delivery are infectious. I have seen many of his presentations, and I believe them to be among the most elite, enjoyable, and informative that I have ever seen!”

~ Annette Dilauri, audience member