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Reviews of Rediscovering the Lewis and Clark Trail

Gordon has shared this presentation at numerous libraries throughout New Jersey.   If you have seen this presentation, please share your comments on the CONTACT ME page.  

“This most enjoyable presentation confirms not only the remarkable feat of that historical journey of 200 years ago, but attests to the inspiring emotional discoveries and physical demands that Ward found in their fabled footprints.”

~ Gary Helm Darden, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of History, Fairleigh Dickinson University - Madison

“Mr. Ward’s lively recount of his adventures retracing the Lewis and Clark Trail provided for a thoroughly entertaining and enlightening evening. We listened to silence, reckoned with Mother Nature, grew desperately thirsty, and marveled at grandeur and simplicity right along with him on his serendipitous journey.”

~ Alison Dahl, Program Chairperson, Chester Historical Society

“Gordon Ward's ‘Life on the Shoulder’ presentation simultaneously transports audiences back to Lewis and Clark’s astonishing journey of 1804-1806, but also recounts Ward’s own journey, in which he retraced the route traveled by the Corps of Discovery.Along the trail, Ward not only gained new insights into American history, but also into himself. Ward is a gifted story-teller, and his lectures are not only educational, but inspiring.”

~ Chris Rasmussen, History Professor, Fairleigh Dickinson University - Teaneck

“I really enjoyed listening to your presentation. It was well researched and very interesting.”

~ Michele Nestory, Librarian, Fairleigh Dickinson University

"I just had the opportunity to spend a couple of hours with Gordon as he brought me and the audience on a magical trip across the country.  I found the presentation to be educational, funny, interesting, and engaging.  Perhaps most of all, I found it inspiring.  Gordon's recounting of his journey, and the journey of Lewis & Clark, reminded me of the miracles/coincidences that occur around us every day.  By the end of his talk I found myself smiling from ear to ear and wanting to hear more, not only about the historic journey of Lewis and Clark, but about his personal insights as well.” 

~ Rich Largman, audience member

“Lively, entertaining, educational, and enlightening...all at the same time!”

~ Madelyn English, Bernardsville Public Library

“What a great way to spend a bit of time—escaping the noise, the traffic and all the trappings of 21st Century life—reliving the historic journey of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark into the American wilderness! Mr. Gordon’s presentation was mesmerizing. It made me wish I had the energy and spirit to attempt the trip myself.”

~ Jean Brennan, Chair, Collingswood Book Festival

"You were witty, knowledgeable, energetic and engaging.  The audience, which is very critical and often tied to maritime subjects (like sailing to remote places around the world), was mesmerized by your tales of inland travels over the Lewis and Clark Trail.  I found the contrast between your challenges and those the early explorers faced especially interesting.  Your talk provided not only an outstanding depth of information on both trips, but also prompted us to examine deeper issues for Lewis and Clark, the forces behind your trip, and those in our own lives as we thought about kidnapping being good or bad, and the question about timely assistance through luck or some other kind of planned intervention.   You brought in the largest crowd that we have ever had at the afternoon session and you held them to the end, which is a tribute to the dynamics of your presentation.  Thank you on behalf of everyone.” 
~ Karin Soderberg, Membership Program Manager, Mystic Seaport, The Museum of America and the Sea

“Gordon, thank you for your dynamic and interesting program here last night. In ‘Life on the Shoulder: Rediscovery and Inspiration Along the Lewis and Clark Trail’ you combined your fascinating personnel travelogue with the historic significance of the amazing Lewis and Clark trek. You are articulate, energetic, and personable, and we all enjoyed your program.”

~ Bradley Green, Director, Collingswood Public Library

“Gordon's professional development workshop, Rediscovering the Lewis and Clark Trail, was wonderful! All of the teachers and myself learned several new and untold facts about the lives of these men and women, and their incredible journey. His excerpts from his own 1,800 mile trek along the Lewis and Clark Trail, were beyond engaging. They moved and inspired us all. If you are looking for an inspirational, factually and entertaining workshop about Lewis and Clark...I would highly recommend this program.”

~ Laurie Virostek, Museum Educator, Morris Museum

“Mr. Ward’s storytelling is so inviting--every point is first contextualized, then explained, and then, when appropriate, outfitted with a personal anecdote to show how his trip differed from or paralleled the original Lewis and Clark route. The pictures of his journey squared perfectly with the stories he told, often emboldening an already imaginative storytelling technique.”

~ Joseph Bonk, audience member

“At first, this was not a topic of interest to me, but I came away very fascinated.  It was an evening well spent. Mr. Ward is an excellent speaker. He draws you in, and I liked the inspirational aspects.” 

~ Miriam Kornblatt, Reference Librarian, Morris County Library

”The program that Mr. Ward presented was very informative and personal. I would recommend it to anyone who felt the need for more insight and understanding of the past and his experience during this journey.” 

~ Phyllis Vogel, audience member

“I think I speak for everyone who attended in saying that it was very fascinating and intriguing. You had a captivated audience!”

~ Mary C. Sanders, Program Coordinator, Morris County Library

“Members of the audience will be right there experiencing all the adventures and drama of this remarkable journey to the West. What a wonderful blend of history, natural science, geography, and cultural development. It was a wonderful presentation. I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure and the spiritual overtones. Gordon is a natural preacher and teacher. These are special gifts. I would attend again.”

~ Valerie Barnes, audience member