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Reviews of Story Songs

Gordon has shared this presentation at numerous locations throughout New Jersey. Review comments below from this and other presentations. If you have seen this presentation, please share your comments on the CONTACT ME page.  
"Gordon Thomas Ward was amazing! Bravo! He has one of the best voices I've heard in a long time and well-tuned instruments to go with it. The way he weaves stories and historical events in his acoustic songs is truly an art form - it is very engaging. Our guests enjoyed an intimate concert on a beautiful summer day! His ability as a raconteur and minstrel were both provocative and soothing at the same time. He totally amazed me!"
~ Tom Martin, Director of Communications at Rutherfurd Hall

“Gordon’s enthusiasm and engagement with the audience gave the evening the feel of a ‘private tour’ with Gordon’s many talents on display. His musical performance was particularly spot-on, providing both the narrative and evocative resonance of the past which only music, well performed, can draw forth from our collective heart.”

~ Local historian and author Dr. Jude Pfister

Mr. Ward's presentation was well-received by our audience and much appreciated by our staff, many of whom attended and all had high words of praise. His enthusiasm about history was infectious, and his obvious love for the subject was inspiring. I would love to invite him back."

~ Lily Hodge, Adult Program Coordinator

The New Jersey Historical Society