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My new record Providence was released on August 30, 2018,

to great reviews and is on the ballot for a Grammy nomination!

Song lyrics coming to this page soon!

"[Providence] will likely end 2018 as one of the year's finest singer/songwriter efforts."
~ Mindy McCall, No Depression: The Journel of Roots Music

"Few make as immediate and impassioned an impact as Gordon Thomas Ward manages to do on his new album, simply entitled Providence... Evoking a heartfelt sound reminiscent of Dan Fogelberg in particular." ~ Lee Zimmerman, Goldmine Magazine

"With intelligent, earnest song writing, honest, clear vocals, and precise, acoustic instrumentation delivered with a production that’s pleasing to the ear, Providence is a refreshing, articulate album."
~ Glen Burtnik, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and former member of Styx

Here's the new Black River Journal review!

I'm excited about my new record ProvidenceIt's filled with illustrative lyrics, gorgeous instrumentation, tales, folklore, introspection, and stories plucked from the heart of our shared journey.

Do you remember listening to albums, studying their artwork, and memorizing their lyrics and musical phrases? We were entranced by them, and they may have even influenced our children. The albums’ songs conveyed poetic messages and gave us different perspectives on life. Their stories transported us to other places and seeped into our very souls. This is the kind of record I’ve composed, and I’m very excited about sharing it with all of you!

Since recording my first album Welcome to the Past, I’ve been writing and arranging songs about events in our world and sharing stages with many amazing musicians, singers, and songwriters. My song-crafting has revealed some private insights, but I know the music is common ground between myself and my listeners who’ve told me the way I communicate stories through song breathes new life into history, folklore, and our classic themes of love and loss - OUR STORY. In fact, educators and both local and national historical groups use my songs in classrooms, websites, and events! I am so very grateful and thankful and truly love all of you who have come to my shows, told me how the songs resonated with you, bought records, and generally supported my music.

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