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Tracing Infinity: Bridging the Gap between Earth and Heaven

Synopsis:  Tracing Infinity will take you on an exploration, one that will show you how close our lives are to heaven and the source of our existence. Discovering God’s immersion in our lives is not complicated; the clues are all around us! We just need to learn how to see. Meadows, mountains, gardens, coastlines, and open rangeland are all God’s classrooms for author Gordon Thomas Ward, and he will teach you how you can find evidence of God wherever you happen to be, even in your own backyard. Our lives are saturated in God. Even when we feel we are in the wildlands and winters of our lives, we are always in the presence of the Eternal. We can find holy breadcrumbs, evidence of the Infinite, leading us on our life paths and laid out by our Creator. Come and see how the Divine touches us all on our incredible journeys.
Book stats:  240 pages, 24 photographs
Published: July 2013
Publisher: Engage Faith Press
ISBN-13: 9781936672479

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Reviews & Endorsements

"Open your eyes, ears and your heart to get closer to God! Highly recommended."
Read the full review by acclaimed author/reviewer Betty L. Dravis HERE.

"Gordon Ward understands that, for many people, the places they feel closest to God are outdoors. The vibrancy of color, the complexity of atmosphere and light, and diversity of plants, animals and landscapes – all of these contribute to a greater awareness, a greater aliveness, a greater ability to sense the presence of God. This heightened awareness of the divine in and through nature is as old as humanity. In the past century, though, as we’ve grown wealthier in so many important ways, our sense of the divine outdoors has been impoverished. We live longer, with less pain, and with far more choices than our grandparents could imagine. But in the midst of that, we often lose our sense of reliance on God and our relatedness to the earth. The kinds of stories that Gordon shares, and the spiritual sensibility they evoke, help bridge this 21stcentury divide – the gap between ourselves and the earth and God. A sense of connection to that which is greater than us, and to the earth, are our birthrights. Today, we need support to recognize these gifts on a regular basis, and to integrate the benefits and challenges of that awareness into our deepest sense of ourselves. Gordon’s writing helps with that cultivation. For that, we owe him a debt of gratitude."

~ The Rev. Fletcher Harper, Executive Director, GreenFaith

"At its best, nature writing takes us on an adventure to an out-of-the-way place or to see a part of nature with which we’re not familiar and stimulates the inquiring mind to think about our place or role in the grand scheme of things. In this insightful and inspiring account, Gordon has shared some of his adventures to out-of-the-way places and down some bumpy roads in his life’s journey. His thoughts and reflection on the need to put the frantic pace of our daily lives and the human condition in perspective provides insightful guidance to us on our own journey on Earth. Nature writers often hint at grand design. Gordon Ward does not hint! His insightful essays point the way toward understanding that our environment presents opportunities to learn how close we really are to the source of life with every breath we take, and that we can change with the next breath." 

~ Mike Anderson, Sanctuary Director, New Jersey Audubon Society, Scherman-Hoffman Wildlife Sanctuary

I find this book to be very uplifting. I've had experiences similar to this author's and will never forget how close to God I felt at the time. It's wonderful the way Gordon T. Ward describes many situations wherein he felt the power of God working in his life. From his home where he baptized his young daughter in a river to the wilds where he experienced miracles while hiking; life-saving miracles when miles from civilization.... All these events reinforced my own belief in how God works in our lives on a daily basis. I came away from this book with a clearer understanding of nature and a closer relationship. Ward's words increased my desire to keep my eyes, ears and mind open to further explore the daily gifts from our benevolent, loving Father in Heaven. I will never look at a sunrise or sunset in the same old way...or even a butterfly in passing. Thanks, Gordon Ward for helping us understand and draw even closer to God. Nature is magnificent, but only a foretaste of what Heaven will be like. I also enjoy the easy-going way this author writes. Clear, concise language written with excellent pacing and reverence for God and the nature He created for us to enjoy.
Highly recommended.
~ Betty Dravis, April 16, 2014, author of Millennium Babe: The Prophecy
In Tracing Infinity, the author Gordon Thomas Ward demonstrates from the beginning his writing skills and ability to transport you to the places he so vividly describes. He shares his spiritual experiences in such a way that we can't help but remember that something similar has happened to us; stories that make it easy to the reader to relate. I consider this book to be a reminder of what we often forget in our busy lives when the everyday worries cloud our vision and make us unable to see the miracles happening around us; that we all have angels that come when we are in need, angels that appear on different shapes and forms. By reading this book we are reminded that there are no coincidences, but as the writer well describes it, there are GODincidences, when we become aware that everything happens for a reason and that we are all instruments in the hands of God, that we are never alone but surrounded by angels and that we are all part of this amazing world full of beauty and wonder. It is my hope that you may find this book to be an awakening to your soul and a reminder that you are loved and close to God.
~ Marisol Davidson
In Tracing Infinity: Bridging the Gap between Earth and Heaven, Ward performs the equivalent of narrative ventriloquism: he magically allows his enchanting stories to illustrate serious and real lessons. Concepts that may seem implausible, at first, to a skeptical reader, are effortlessly turned into undeniable truths through Ward's numerous quotidian examples. The best writers don't preach to readers; rather, they allow readers to discover things about themselves. That is the magic of Ward's prose.
~ Mersault Baratta
I have read (and enjoyed) several books written by Gordon T. Ward in the past. His latest Tracing Infinity: Bridging the Gap between Earth and Heaven is just another example of his lighthearted, uplifting talent. This book is not just inspirational, but it is a fun, quick read that will bring a smile to your face. It is perfect for vacation time, or when you only have 10-15 minutes to put your feet up & relax. I am confident that everyone who reads this book will be able to identify with the stories/essays on a personal level in some way, which makes it even more fun to read! I HIGHLY recommend this book for ALL readers from 7 to 700!!! Grab a copy and enjoy!
~ Kathryn McGrath