Here's Something Important, Just in Case You Were Wondering...

As we enter the new year and near the end of the fanfunding campaign, I am finding myself filled with gratitude. There are so many of you who have chosen to support my music over the years and who have chosen to contribute to my album campaigns. The fanfunding campaign for Whispers from the Woods was no different. At the time of this writing, we've raised 87% of the $12,000 goal that is needed to create the new album!

I fully recognize that I am far from the only game in town. There are other artists endeavoring to do the exact same thing as me, and many other causes, organizations, and commitments that are in need of funding and competing for your attention. I am so humbled to know that many of you have made a conscious decision to choose my new music for your support.

Here's something important, just in case you were wondering. I want you all to know that I also have skin in the game and am not relying solely on your external, financial support. Out of the grand total that it takes to record, produce, and market a new album such as Whispers from the Woods, I'll be dedicated about 30-33% of my own funds, which is over and above the $12,000 goal. I've done that with my other albums, as well. The $12,000 goal for Whispers from the Woods was simply the remaining portion I needed to raise to make the record possible. I wanted to let you know this, so no-one thinks I rely on fans to fund 100% of the costs whenever I want to make a new record.

Here's a new and essential announcement: I have decided to extend the Whispers from the Woods fanfunding campaign for one additional week. December is not the ideal time to run a fanfunding campaign, but that's the time frame that was available to me. I know I was rather distracted and otherwise committed over the holidays, so I'm sure many of you were, too. For those of you who identify with that group or those of you who needed to wait until January to contribute, this is your opportunity to consider being part of my new album. There is $1,530 that remains to be raised, and I'm hoping some of you might find it within your ability to help push us over the finish line by January 8, the final day of the campaign. If so, please click here.

I can't wait to begin the recording phase in earnest, get into the studio, and make some new music for you all. Again, thank you so very, very much for your support of my creativity. I'm excited! Let's go make a record!

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