Here's the raw truth...

You know what I'm not very good at doing? I mean really bad? Waiting. I can't stand waiting. It drives me crazy, makes me anxious, and immerses me in the feeling like my wheels are spinning. Spinning's no good. I like traction and forward momentum. Now, that's not a good quality to have when recording a record, especially when one of the studios I'm using is in New Jersey, and I'm in Maine. Don't get me wrong. I completely love the studios I'm working with in both Maine and NJ, but it involves waiting. Waiting for schedules to mesh. Waiting for studio time to open up. Waiting for travel. Plus, I don't like to keep my fans and listeners waiting. Many of them have contributed hard-earned funds to my fanfunding campaign, and, while I think everyone knows the situation I'm in for recording, I still don't like that it's going to be a better part of a year before Whispers from the Woods is released. You see, I don't like for YOU to have to wait either! I know, I know... Take a breath. Control the things you can and let the rest go. Yup. Easier said than done. These songs are like a class full of students on the last day of school before summer vacation. They are antsy, so done with rehearsal, and are screaming inside my head for release. They want OUT into the real world...NOW! So, that's one half of the equation.

There's a part two, as well. There's another thing I'm not very good at doing - asking for money. I've never been good at it and probably never will be. It makes me extremely uncomfortable to talk about money, especially if it's for me. Knowing that, you can imagine how uneasy it makes me to launch a fanfunding campaign! Unfortunatlely, it's a necessary component for most indie artists, as I've explained in my earlier blog. There are very few days that go by when I don't see some sort of crowdfunding campaign notice from other artists. They happen all the time. It's part of the process. Ya know what? It still doesn't make it any easier for me to ask for money from people. I am keenly aware of how tight things are for some and/or how many other requests people get for contributions. I get it - totally get it. Still, here I am needing to adhere to a schedule for funding request posts on social media and email. Sigh!

I guess what I want you to know is this. There is NOTHING I'd rather be doing with my music than composing and performing it for you. Those are my happy places. So, when you see my posts about the fanfunding campaign, when you see my E-mails about contributing to Whispers from the Woods, know that these are the steps I need to take to get to the point where I can send you a brand new album. They are the steps I need to take to get them on playlists. They are the steps I need to take to do the business end of this entirely strange and wonderful career of interpreting emotion and observations into song for you all.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to those of you who have contributed to my upcoming record! At the time of this writing, we are 4/9ths through the fanfunding campaign, and we still need about $7,500 to make the record a reality. I promise a record that you will absolutely love! If you have not contributed, please consider clicking HERE and see if you can help. Together, we can make some beautiful music into an album called Whispers from the Woods that'll last forever!

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