Eiderdown, the next Artist and Fan-funded, double record.
Release date April 1, 2020!

If you haven't already contributed, would you consider joining with me?

Eiderdown will be a two-volume record that includes sixteen, original songs with music and lyrics written and performed by Gordon Thomas Ward with guest musicians recording on many of the tracks. Eiderdown will feature:
* Gordon Thomas Ward: lead vocals, harmony vocals, rhythm and lead 6-string acoustic guitar, nylon string guitar, 8-string baritone acoustic guitar, 12-string acoustic guitar, rhythm and lead 8-string baritone walkabout dulcimer, Nashville/high-strung guitar, bowed psaltery, snare drum on “Four Angels,” bass drum on “Long, Long Ago,” wind chimes, sound effects (wind, waves, thunder, rain, and sledge hammer)
* Eric Troyer: backing vocals on “Désirée,” piano, organ, synthesizer, bass, drums, string pad, bass drum, brushes, shaker, tambourine
* Caroline Cotter: co-lead vocals on “Longing,” backing vocals on “Eiderdown”
* Keith Goellner: sticks, spoons

* Dan Kassel: cello
* Michael Mitsch: bodhran, percussion

* Ian Rankine: highland bagpipes
* David Rimelis: violin
* Dave Shapiro: electric lead guitar

Pledges and Rewards: How Can You Be Involved?  
When you become part of the team for the new, double record, I’ll reward pledgers with downloadable music, copies of Eiderdown, and more at four different levels.

  • Pledges are safely made via PayPal or check. My address is P.O. Box 271, Winter Harbor, ME 04693.
  • Please scroll down to view the pledge levels and use the DONATE button below that section. Alternate donation amounts are accepted, as well, once you get to the PayPal page. Thank you very much!

$25 (or any amount through $59) 
An autographed Eiderdown CD (or a digital download copy of Eiderdown) before the general public release date and an invitation to an album release event. (I'm planning to have one in Maine and in New Jersey!)

This is equal to 1 hour of studio time, and you may multiply this to support as many hours as you wish. You'll receive four autographed copies of Eiderdown (or a digital download of Eiderdown) for yourself or to use as gifts before the general public release date. You'll also receive a VIP invitation to an album release event.

This level pays for the recording, mastering, and production of one song, and you may sponsor more than one song. Pledging at this level enables you to receive everything from the $60 level. Plus, you will be among the chosen few to get your name in print on the Eiderdown record jacket!

This is an option for anyone willing to match the money that comes in from other fans until the combined total reaches the remaining $2,000 goal. It includes everything from the $4oo level. PLUS, I will come to your home (or another, mutually agreeable location) and perform my heart out in a solo, acoustic concert for you and 15-20 of your friends.  (Obviously, there may be travel considerations we'll need to address.)