Eiderdown, the next Artist and Fan-funded, double record!
All that's left to raise is $1,900 for the mastering and promotion of this 16-song double record!
If you haven't already contributed, would you consider joining with me? 

Many of you were so very generous in your support of Providence, which was released last August 30, 2018. The record was balloted for a GRAMMY award and has done very well on the Global Music Charts. Normally, I'd wait a bit before recording my next group of new songs, but...

I Have a Very Good Reason for Recording Another Record So Soon after Providence.

I've moved from NJ to Maine this year! (Don't worry - I'll still be touring in the NJ/PA area.) However, my engineer and co-producer Eric Troyer in NJ is the person I trust with my sound. He's a BIG part of the reason that Providence turned out so well on the global music charts!

Simply put, I wanted to record Eiderdown with Eric before I moved, and then release the record sometime in early 2020. This approach allows me to co-produce Eiderdown with one of the absolute best in the music business, ensure that the record will have the quality my fans and I expect, and, at the same time, not infringe on the current success that Providence is experiencing in it's first year.

What Will Eiderdown Be Like?

Eiderdown will be a bit different from Providence. First, it will be a DOUBLE RECORD! Eiderdown will feature sixteen songs of my usual mix of musical flavors, but Eiderdown will feature, with a few exceptions, a sound that more closely resembles a live show. This means that most of the tracks on Eiderdown are not going to be as heavily produced as on Providence. The result will be a more intimate record that will be very much like hearing me perform live. I'm happy to say that the plan worked in the recording and mixing phase, and we now have only the post production ahead of us.

Why Am I Fan-funding? 

  1. Making music for a living is fulfilling, but it’s extremely financially challenging and getting more difficult every day! For most musicians, the vast majority of their income is based on live performances. The music industry, and the way listeners consume recorded music, has changed dramatically. We live in a time when very few people are actually paying for their music, and this makes it ever more difficult for independent artists to finance recording projects.
  2. Crowd-funding sites are popular, but, as I did with Providence, I’ve decided not to use them to handle pledges for Eiderdown. Why? My project is on the smaller side, and I’m only reaching out to people who are familiar with my work and not the general public– hence, “fan-funding.” Many crowd-funding projects need the goal to me met before collecting pledges. Plus, crowd-funding platforms take up 8-15% of the collected funds. Wait...8-15%? That’s a lot! Instead, I’m electing to keep things between you and me and put 100% of the pledges toward the recording of the music I want to create for you! 

With that in mind, I’m reaching out to fans and potential pledging partners who want to support the arts and work with me to help me deliver my music to you and others who love my stories and melodies. A recording project takes recording, post production, graphic design, manufacturing, and a hefty amount of publicity on the heels of a release. I’ve funded this project on my own with your help so far, and I'm asking for your help on the remaining mastering, and promotion phases of it.

Are You Excited?

Having created something very special with Providence, I hope you're as excited as I am to create something equally fantastic and special with this new, double record Eiderdown. I look forward to your potential partnership in this creative process!

My sincerest heartfelt thanks go out to all of you!


The Eiderdown goal is now only $1,535 away!

The bottom line is I’m still looking to raise $1,535 needed to cover the mastering and promotion phases of this double record.

Pledges and Rewards: How Can You Be Involved?  
When you become part of the team for the new, double record, I’ll reward pledgers with downloadable music, copies of Eiderdown, and more at four different levels.

  • Pledges are safely made via PayPal or check. My address is P.O. Box 271, Winter Harbor, ME 04693.
  • Please scroll down to view the pledge levels and use the DONATE button below that section. Alternate donation amounts are accepted, as well, once you get to the PayPal page. Thank you very much!

$25 (or any amount through $59) 
An autographed Eiderdown CD (or a digital download copy of Eiderdown) before the general public release date and an invitation to an album release event. (I'm planning to have one in Maine and in New Jersey!)

This is equal to 1 hour of studio time, and you may multiply this to support as many hours as you wish. You'll receive four autographed copies of Eiderdown (or a digital download of Eiderdown) for yourself or to use as gifts before the general public release date. You'll also receive a VIP invitation to an album release event.

This level pays for the recording, mastering, and production of one song, and you may sponsor more than one song. Pledging at this level enables you to receive everything from the $60 level. Plus, you will be among the chosen few to get your name in print on the Eiderdown record jacket!

This is an option for anyone willing to match the money that comes in from other fans until the combined total reaches the remaining $2,000 goal. It includes everything from the $4oo level. PLUS, I will come to your home (or another, mutually agreeable location) and perform my heart out in a solo, acoustic concert for you and 15-20 of your friends.  (Obviously, there may be travel considerations we'll need to address.)