House Concerts

Bring the performance home!

Do you like to entertain? Do you prefer a relaxed setting rather than a crowded bar full of strangers? Looking for something special, memorable, and unique? Consider hosting your very own house concert! It's the new and exciting trend in music that's growing quickly, and for good reason! House concerts are a fantastic, intimate way to experience a live musical performance with your friends and neighbors in your own home, often with very little, if any, preparation and cost to the host. There's really nothing quite like it.


"The way he weaves stories and historical events in his acoustic songs is truly an art form - it is very engaging. Our guests enjoyed an intimate concert on a beautiful summer day!" ~ Tom M., concert host


"Having Gordon perform in our home was an extraordinarily memorable event for our friends, and a special way to warm up a winter's evening. We can't wait to have him return next year!" ~ Joseph Bonk, concert host


"I was given a real gift of a fantastic evening. I really love how different each of the songs are. So many musicians' songs sound the same, but each of Gordon's is unique and beautiful." ~ Robin G., concert guest


House concerts are gaining in popularity, but are a new concept to many. To learn more about the concept of house concerts, watch these short videos that explain house concerts for hosts and guests.

Please contact me to explore this remarkable entertainment option that your friends will appreciate for a very long time.