Engaging, Entertaining, and Inspirational Presentations for a Variety of Groups 

   A gifted presenter...listening to Gordon has to be experienced to be believed!”
   ~ Jeannie Cramer, audience member ~

   "I want to say how much I truly enjoyed your keynote address at last year's conference of New Jersey Association of Library Assistants." 
   ~ Warren Spengler, Library Technical Assistant at New Jersey State Library ~

   Once dubbed "New Jersey's Troubadour," GRAMMY®-balloted singer-songwriter, presenter, and author Gordon Thomas Ward has now moved to Maine and is planning performances throughout 2019 and 2020. Schedule this unique and celebrated musician, historian, and raconteur for a very special presentation at your venue, such as a LIBRARY, HISTORICAL SOCIETY, MUSEUM, SCHOOL, BUSINESS or COMMUNITY GROUP! 

   Presentations can also be done as in your home as a unique and intimate gathering for a group of your friends. This option allows for expanded Q&A time and opportunities to delve deeper into the presentation topics. Performances of songs may also augment many of these performances.

   Bookings are currently being accepted for any of the presentations. Please check the TOUR CALENDAR for available dates. If you would like to book a presentation and/or share feedback, visit the CONTACT page.

An Evening with
Gordon Thomas Ward:

Inspiring Adventures, Engaging Music, and Spine-tingling Tales 

   Audiences have loved Gordon’s varied and engaging presentations, songs, and stories for years. This new program provides audiences with a cross section of some of the best of everything this Renaissance man has to offer from his music, books, and other presentations. This entertaining, multimedia show is filled with songs, photos, stories, adventure, history, and tales of ghostly encounters presented by this accomplished singer-songwriter, author, podcast host, historian, and paranormal researcher. Plus, if you’re new to Gordon’s work, this is the best way to acquaint yourself with it and get a taste of what he has to offer. Something in this show is always new and is perfect for just about any venue. Its diverse content is sure to keep people entertained and leave them wanting more!

   “Gordon’s enthusiasm and engagement with the audience gave the evening the feel of a ‘private tour’ with Gordon’s many talents on display. His musical performance was particularly spot-on, providing both the narrative and evocative resonance of the past which only music, well performed, can draw forth from our collective heart.”
   ~ Dr. Jude Pfister, Local historian, author, and Chief of Cultural Resources at Morristown National Historical Park ~

Troubadour Tales 

   Everyone loves good stories, and when they’re reinforced with music and song, they get even better! That's why audiences adore this captivating, live performance of stirring tales, told through music and spoken word that capture their attention and imagination. Entertaining anecdotes complement his acoustic, contemporary folk songs, which include haunting melodies, multi-instrumental accompaniment, evocative vocals, and poetic lyrics. Listeners embark upon a captivating journey that may find them in the company of a Revolutionary War soldier, a Rockabye Railroad engineer, Robert Frost, the ghost of the Headless Hessian, or transported to the historic Trail of Tears, the Civil War, the trail of Lewis and Clark, and other times and places! This presentation has been described by adults as "spellbinding," and, as a high school student remarked, "The people and events seem real, so I can relate to them." It's safe to say that audiences will find this program to be a real treat, and can be different every time! Troubadour Tales is absolutely perfect for libraries, historical and community groups, or for an extraordinary house concert in your home with a group of your friends!

   "Gordon Thomas Ward was amazing! Bravo! He has one of the best voices I've heard in a long time and well-tuned instruments to go with it. The way he weaves stories and historical events in his acoustic songs is truly an art form - it is very engaging. His ability as a raconteur and minstrel were both provocative and soothing at the same time. He totally amazed me!" 
   ~ Tom Martin, Director of Communications at Rutherfurd Hall ~

Retracing the
Lewis & Clark Trail 

   This engaging program draws from the author’s book Life on the Shoulder and details his entire 1,800 mile journey by canoe and bicycle along the Missouri, Clearwater, Snake, and Columbia Rivers and by foot over the Bitterroot Mountains. Described as “like hitting the trail with Lewis and Clark” by the Mystic Seaport Museum, this presentation includes stunning, projected photographs and Gordon Ward’s personal anecdotes, which allow attendees to travel back through time, revisiting the places explored by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark and recorded in their journals and the pages of history as they searched for the Northwest Passage. One also embarks on a journey through the diverse environments of the current American West. Aside from the historical aspects of the topic, the presentation compares and contrasts the differences between a modern retracing and the original expedition two hundred years ago. In addition, audience members will also hear how the original journey was also very much a story about the strength and guidance of women and investigate the two journeys from psychological and philosophical perspectives.

   "You were witty, knowledgeable, energetic and engaging.   You brought in the largest crowd that we have ever had, and you held them to the end, which is a tribute to the dynamics of your presentation.”
   ~ Karin Soderberg, Membership Program Manager, Mystic Seaport, The Museum of America and the Sea ~

Ghosts: What They Are and How to Investigate Them 

   What’s the real scoop is on ghosts?  The answer is not found in Gothic novels or Hollywood. The descriptions of what ghosts are and what they are not has come a long way. The word “ghost” is really an umbrella term that defines many types of paranormal phenomena. Survival of the human personality has become a popular topic and one that has mounting evidence to support its claims. Combining many years of involvement in the level-headed investigation of haunted locations with a unique, spiritual perspective on the topic, audio clips, and photographs, Gordon Ward will share his experiences and evidence, explain his views on ghosts, and teach attendees how to conduct their own, sound investigations without costly equipment.

   "As a professional who considers myself to be a ‘skeptical believer’ in an afterlife, I found your presentation to be both eye-opening and fascinating. Your program was excellent! We had a great turnout and everyone stayed glued to their seats for the entire talk!"
   ~ Carol Anderson, Adult Program Coordinator,Teaneck Public Library, Teaneck, NJ ~

Ghosts I’ve Come to Know 

   Did you ever wonder what’s on the other side? As a well-respected investigator of ghosts and hauntings for forty years and an author on the topic, Mr. Ward has developed a distinctive approach and body of evidence to support the belief in the survival of the human consciousness after death. This program includes new photos, audio recordings, developing theories, information collected from his favorite, historic, investigation sites, and the live performance of a song. This presentation will leave you with a fresh perspective on what happens to us all after the transition we call death.

   "I think I speak for everyone who attended in saying that it was very fascinating and intriguing. You had a captivated audience!” 
   ~ Mary C. Sanders, Program Coordinator, Morris County Library ~

Historic Haunts
of Central Jersey 

   What ghosts roam within the historic sites and buildings of central New Jersey? How accurate are the traditional stories? From the shadowed woods of the Somerset Hills to the dappled banks of the Delaware River, Historic Haunts delivers a rich mix of factual history and the sound investigation of ghostly phenomena. This presentation, based upon Gordon's book Ghosts of Central Jersey, also mixes in numerous PowerPoint Photos of investigation sites and audio clips of unexplained voices. The combination of an open-minded enthusiasm and a level-headed approach underscores this collection of reports that will inform, entertain, and lead audience members to places where the past is considered to be very much alive and entwined with the present.

   “I've actually attended this presentation three times, and on each occasion I came away with a new piece of information. The blend of history and the paranormal is very interesting and informative.”
   ~ Kam Callahan, audience member ~

Ghostly Discussions 

   One of my favorite parts of my presentations on ghosts and hauntings comes from the all-to-brief Q&A period at the end of each show. The questions are numerous and the answers can be quite complex, leading to further questions. Ghostly Discussions is an opportunity for the audience to play a role in driving the content of this fascinating topic for the entire show through a facilitated discussion of developing theories, my forensic evidence, and their questions and experiences! What are ghosts? Should we fear them? What happens to our spirits when our bodies die? Any of these questions and more can be addressed in this very unique, thought-provoking, multimedia presentation that examines ghostly, paranormal encounters within an open forum.

   "Wow! Your presentation Historic Haunts of Central Jersey was excellent and brought out over 300 people, the largest group we have ever had for a program!"
   ~ Katie Hardesty, Director of PR and Special Events, Cherry Hill Public Library ~

Gateways to History 

   Celebrated author and presenter Gordon Thomas Ward (author of local history books A Bit of Earth and Ghosts of Central Jersey) will present different perspectives on the era of the American Revolution as it relates to the Morristown, NJ, area. First, This program reviews the Ford family of Morris County, New Jersey, along with their mansion in Morristown. Both the Ford Family and their home participated in and witnessed some of the most trying times of the first century of the American pageant. The multi-layered family history is tangibly represented in the multi-floored and memory-laden mansion, which stands to this day as a testament to the passage of time and the enduring power of place. Following this, Mr. Ward  will discuss the 1779-1780 encampment of the New Jersey Brigade in Jockey Hollow and their encampment site, which was discovered in the 1960s. He will also entertain you with several, seldom-told ghost stories connected with local historic sites from the time of the American Revolution. Projected photos will complement the entire presentation.

   “If you have never heard Gordon speak, do it, and spread the word! His creativity and engaging delivery are infectious. I have seen many of his presentations, and I believe them to be among the most elite, enjoyable, and informative that I have ever seen!”
   ~ Annette Dilauri, audience member ~

Welcome to the Past 

   Immerse yourself in this entertaining and informative evening of tales, songs, poetry, and ghost stories regarding the local history of Somerset/Morris Counties on NJ, including the Lenape, the NJ Encampment at Jockey Hollow during the Revolutionary War, farming, industry, the "landed gentry, and others. This timeless, multimedia presentation, based upon Gordon's book A Bit of Earth, celebrates the layers of history in our landscapes, which can be truly magical places where the past exists right at our fingertips. In brilliant detail, Mr. Ward both entertains and illustrates the signatures we leave behind us and celebrates the geographies of our lives.

   “I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a presentation more than the one you gave on Welcome to the Past. The audience was captivated with your stories that reminded each of us of our own. We left inspired to begin preserving our own bit of earth. Thank you so much.”
   ~ Gayle Geiger, Library Media Specialist, Waynesville High School, Waynesville, MO ~