"The word is out and the verdict is that Whispers from The Woods is a modern day masterpiece that comes straight from the heart... Gordon is a masterful singer/songwriter and wonderful lyricist and Whispers from the Woods is a true work of musical art. Ward is able to paint a vivid picture through thoughtful words and pristine chords and captures human emotions in amazing fashion. Gordon Thomas Ward is certainly on Top here with his latest release, Whispers from the Woods, showing the music world what pure quality and human impact sounds like."

~Jimmy Rae, Skope Magazine

"GORDON THOMAS WARD/Whispers from the Woods: In which we find folk music taking an unexpected left turn into art rock with new age sensibilities threaded through it. Masterminded by
a cat that lives in the woods of Maine and performs in a reflection of same, there’s a lot of deep messages here to ponder... Thoughtful stuff for people looking for that something extra."

~Chris Spector, Midwest Record

"[Eiderdown is] an album that burns with anger, beats with compassion and radiates with hope;

it couldn’t come at a better time.

~Mike Davies,

"When you think of the phenomenal story-tellers of yesteryear like Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, or James Taylor, Gordon Thomas Ward would be in that same vein for today. This multi-dimensional artist takes listeners on a lyrical journey on his new 2-Volume set called Eiderdown. Gordon Thomas Ward is setting the gold standard for singer/songwriters for generations to come."

~Jimmy Rae, Skope Magazine

"The 16 song double album is an epic representation of the artist’s skills as a storyteller, singer and guitarist. Throughout the record he lives and breathes the human condition... 
In both composition and execution, Eiderdown is a beautiful accomplishment. The record is an impressive testament to the talent of a true storyteller."
Read the entire review here.

~ Bob Smith, The Static Dive


"The renaissance man Gordon Thomas Ward returns with Eiderdown, a double disc where influences from the ‘60s and ‘70s seep into his timeless brand of folk rock...
A perfectly splendid singer-songwriter album, even with 16 tracks Ward never out welcomes his stay, as his very developed lyricism is just as admirable as the playful,
authentic song craft that defines the entire effort."
Read the full review here.

~ Tom Haugen, Take Effect

"This double album [Eiderdown] is basically a folk record that smashes all the stereotypes you would normally bring to a folk record when approaching it uninitiated. Long on stories and personal observations, Ward approaches things almost cinematically, making these into song/movies that hold your attention in a different sort of way. Bringing folk music back to the folk, it's no wonder he has such a thriving under-the-radar career. Solid stuff." 

~ Chris Spectre, Midwest Record

“[Providence] will likely end 2018 as one of the year's finest singer/songwriter efforts.”

~ Mindy McCall, No Depression: The Journal of Roots Music

“Few make as immediate and impassioned an impact as Gordon Thomas Ward
manages to do on his new album, simply entitled Providence... Evoking a heartfelt sound reminiscent of Dan Fogelberg in particular.”

~ Lee Zimmerman, Goldmine Magazine 

“Intelligent, earnest song writing, honest, clear vocals, and precise, acoustic instrumentation”

~ Glen Burtnik: former member of Styx, singer-songwriter


Providence promises more thrills, chills and introspective moments than any record
I’ve heard or reviewed this year.”

Indie Band Guru 


Providence is such a gripping listening experience… It’s a
more than compelling record that I highly recommend
fans of indie folk give a spin at the next possible occasion.”

~ MusicExistence 


“Enthusiastic. Genuine. Finely-aged. Gordon Thomas Ward’s sophomore effort, Providence,
offers a rare bit of authenticity and agenda-less creativity, which can serve to elevate fans and musicians alike with its articulate themes and attention to technical detail.”

~ The Ark of Music 


“Stands on its own as an impressive achievement. It will engage you
both intellectually and emotionally.”

~ The Indie Source 


“Provides listeners with a comprehensive peek into what will likely end 2018 as one of the year’s finest singer/songwriter efforts… His musical DNA seamlessly incorporates modern folk rock, Americana, country, and adult alternative with acoustic and electric instrumentation weaving together for a spectacular effect… Ward shows he’s one of the best singer/songwriters
working in the Americana/indie scene today.”

~ No Depression 


“Proving to be a deft storyteller, Gordon Thomas Ward sings with such crystal clarity. Over the course of [Providence], his guitar playing possesses tremendous strength.”

~ Skope Magazine 


“Comparable to James Taylor and Neil Young’s signature songs… Ward effortlessly addresses the fleeting beauty and trials of life, which are enhanced and enriched by the passage
of time… Providence features a rare blend of contemporary folk rock, adult alternative and Americana lyrics and instrumentation, which are fueled by earnest messages that illustrate
both the successes and struggles that everyone must contend with in their lives.”

~ Shock Ya! 


“With Providence, Gordon Thomas Ward exhibits his mastery of eloquent lyrics and musical storytelling. The songs emanate exquisite colors, captivating rhythms,
and Ward’s enchanting voice. This is beautifully wrought.”



“Will grab you by the heart and never let go.”

~ Matheson’s Entertainment Blog 


Providence is a stand out folk release for 2018 for so many reasons. Not merely offering story-telling or melodic hypnotism, not simply exercising musical ability or an inclination to entertain,
Gordon Thomas Ward brings together so many uplifting elements that work in unity to build around you an emotionally poignant and truly artistic playlist…
Providence is an easy must for fans of heartfelt songwriting and considerate musicianship.”

~ Stereo Stickman 


“Gordon’s music fits into the contemporary folk rock, adult alternative, and Americana genres
with quiet, acoustic songs mixing with more driving, acoustic-electric pieces
and even some country flair… Listeners will find that Providence addresses the fleeting beauty
and trials of life, which are enhanced and enriched by the passage of time.”

~ Review Fix interview 


“In a word: liberating.”

~ Vents Magazine interview 


“Songwriting of a quality similar to Ward’s often feels lost to the 60s Greenwich scene,
and yet he’s here today to help prove that its heart’s still beating.
Sonically tucked somewhere between CCR and Peter, Paul, and Mary,
you’ll more than likely feel immediately at home with Ward’s Providence.”

~ For Folk’s Sake