Thank you! The fanfunding campaign for my new record "Whispers from the woods" is complete! We are now anticipating a release on September 1, 2022!

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Description and goal

When I started recording music, I never would have believed I'd be in the position of making my 4th album so soon. My first album Welcome to the Past introduced listeners to my passion for storytelling and history. Providence took a more broad approach to my music and added some electric guitar. My double album Eiderdown offered listeners even more stories with an edgier approach on a few of the songs. I am honored and humbled to have all of you, the most awesome fans and friends I could want, on this road with me. I've also had the chance to work with some of the best musicians in the business, receive awards, have the Providence and Eiderdown albums balloted for GRAMMY awards, and have my songs and records chart in the top 10 and even reach number #1! What an amazing journey it has been, and the new music is still flowing!

After months of composing music and lyrics, I have officially launched and concluded a fanfunding campaign for my 4th album, which has the working title of Whispers from the Woods. I have twelve original songs, perhaps more, queued up. I'm excited to switch creative gears and start the recording process again. I'll be recording with an incredible engineer and co-producer, Jud Caswell, who owns Frog Hollow Studio in Topsham, Maine. The whole process of recording, editing, and mixing is fascinating, and I'll blog about it as the album progresses. Many of you have shared how much you like the studio work but really enjoy my live shows even more. With that in mind, I am aiming to keep more of a live sound to many of the songs on Whispers. You can still expect a few songs to include amazing guest musicians. I may even go back to my roots and give myself permission to rock out on a couple of tracks. I am confident that you will absolutely love Whispers from the Woods, and please keep checking here for album progress updates!

$12,000 Goal with 100% pledged
YOU have made this record possible. Thank you all!

I am enormously grateful for your support of my music! Quite frankly, the people who enjoy my music, books, and concerts remain the backbone of my creativity. Your support makes it possible for me to do what I do and share my music with you all. If you're new to this page, please read my blog about why we need to raise this amount. Indie artists, like me, don't have a huge record label to front the expenses of recording and producing an album. We need to rely on the generosity of listeners and fans.

For those of you who have pledged, or anyone who would still like to become involved in the support of this new record, your contributions are safely made on the secure link below through PayPal or Stripe (credit card), or you may opt to send a good ol' personal check with the memo "Whispers Contribution" to me at P.O. Box 271, Winter Harbor, ME 04693.

Creating music has been so sustaining through these difficult times. I've shared a handful of the new songs at recent performances, which have already become popular requests. I am so grateful and humbled at the numbers of you who have partnered with me and given life to these songs on the album. The contribution tiers and rewards detailed below. Also, be sure to keep checking the Blog at the bottom of this page for news about progress on Whispers from the Woods. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! Let's go make a new record!


The goal of $12,000 covers the recording, mixing, production, mastering, formatting, promotion, and a small portion of the distribution of Whispers from the Woods. If you'd like to be part of the journey, please select a tier or an amount of your choosing and use the contribution button [YOUR PRICE] at the bottom of this page. Thank you very much!

$ 10: Walkabout Tier – Enjoy a digital download of the new album.

$ 25: Grand Concert Tier – Enjoy a digital download plus an autographed and inscribed CD of Whispers from the Woods.

$ 65: Baritone Tier – Each contribution at this tier covers one hour of studio time. You'll receive the benefits of the Grand Concert Tier plus a VIP invitation to the album release event.

$ 250: 12-String Tier – Enjoy all the perks of the Baritone Tier plus your choice of one of my Books or CDs and a one-on-one interview with me to chat about the stories behind the music and the creation of the new album.

$ 500: Song Sponsor Tier – Each contribution at this tier covers the studio time to record one song. Choose the song and your name will be listed on the album's liner notes as a song sponsor. In addition to the benefits of the 12-String Tier, you may select a second autographed Book or CD.

$ 1,000: Song Patron Tier – This covers all aspects of producing one song – including its mastering, formatting, artwork, promotion, and some of the distribution. Choose the song, and your name will be listed as a song patron on the album's liner notes. In addition to the rewards of the Song Sponsor Tier, I will perform an online concert specifically for you and your friends on a day and time that's good for both of us.

"Whispers from the Woods" Contribution
  • "Whispers from the Woods" Contribution

"Whispers from the Woods" Contribution

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"Whispers from the Woods" Contribution

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Thank you so much for contributing toward the recording and production of "Whispers from the Woods." 100% of your contribution goes toward its creation. Please enter the $ amount of the contribution tier you've selected or an amount of your own choosing. You are now part of this creative journey and part of the new record!

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